Patient Guide

Paterson Community Health Center participates in many Federal- and State-funded programs, including those that provide services to individuals who are uninsured and others at no cost, or on a discounted basis that is determined by an individual's or family's ability to pay. Many of these publicly funded programs require that patients register for services and provide information to verify their identification and income for their dependents. A patient's eligibility for services and payment level is determined based on the information provided.

In addition, registration information provides the basis for contacting patients and families about a medical emergency, abnormal lab tests, new services, and changes in Paterson Community Health Center’s operating hours.

Before your first visit to a Paterson Community Health Center facility, please review the information below, and bring the requested documents to ensure you can be properly registered for care:

Proof of Personal Identification
• Driver's License
• Social Security Card
• Immigration Registry Card
• Employee Identification Card
• Selective Service Card
• Union Membership Card
• Voter Registration Card
• School Picture Identification Card

Proof of Residence
• Mortgage Invoice/Coupon
• Rent Book Lease
• Utility BIll
• Signed Paterson Community Health Center Attestation Form

Proof of Household Income
• Paycheck or paycheck stub
• Unemployment check stub
• Disability check stub
• Social Security award letter/copy of check
• Child Support check stub
• Alimony Payment
• Most recent Income Tax Return
• Statement of Foster Child Care Benefits
• Employer's signed statement
• If you have no income, the signed Paterson Community Health Center Attestation Form